Promise by Bandit



2 September 2016 at 16:43:38 MDT

When faced with an obstacle, we are promised that success will lead to the best outcome, through intimate pursuits, a promise is a sacred statement that implies we can trust the one we love. The moment when that promise is fulfilled is one of the best experiences one could ask for. To find yourself standing where you've always wanted to be, overlooking the history you've made for yourself, the gratification of completion that you've spent endless hours working for, finally at your grasp. To find peace of mind upon seeing the result you thought would never come. A promise can be as valuble as gold to some, and be priceless to others.

Another experiment I'm proud to present to you all. I incorporated the elements of Drum and Bass with Classical arrangements to create an emotionally intense interpretation of what I feel the concept of a promise truly is. I was influenced by composer Philip Glass and the UK band Pendulum. I was initially nervous about sharing this with others because it isn't exactly like what you'd hear from most popular DnB producers, but hey, who says you can't venture out and try new things? In my head I always wanted to hear something like this so I decided to make it myself to see if I could nail it, and I think I did. This one is also based off a personal experience of mine when I had been in doubt of my life multiple times, my friends would remind me that I had what it took to get through just about anything, promising things would get better. They were right, and this was my way of celebrating that promise.

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