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Gulpin it AAALLLL Inside by Balloogabu

Gulpin it AAALLLL Inside


Purpose: Produce a battle potion for my personal arsenal. The goal is a non-lethal poison that inflates targets upon skin contact.

Hypothesis: This is Batch 21261j of Inflation Potion. Ingredients are in the separate spreadsheet document. It should be of weaker potency than the previous batch, which made our subject fill an entire room.

Experiment: (Do the experiment outside this time...) Measure the circumstance of the volunteer gulpin before splash them with increasing doses of Inflation serum in order to test how potent batch 21261j is. Have Balloogabu siphon the subject after each trial.

Data: The first splash dose, Gulpin inflated twice its size.

And then after increasing the dose, Gulpin bloated 4 times it's original size.


I got distracted for one second and the gulpin got impatient. The glutton ATE the whole bottle! The bottle was... 2/3 full so... OK I can work with that. Balloogabu was right there so he ALLOWED this to happen! This is why I don't ask for his help with these experiments. I managed to rope the sticky stomach pokemon before they floated into towm. Can't let too many people see these experiments...

Conclusion: This gulpin, is, a weirdo. Despite almost floating away, based on calculations, this batch of Inflation potion is manageable.

Now to concentrate down this solution...


Made for the Balloon-Dex Project:

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