Balina eats her profits by Balina

Balina eats her profits


4 November 2016 at 17:57:07 MDT

As mentioned in the story post, this was something that RaddaRaem did a year and change ago, during their then-weekly writestreams. The intention was that they would solicit ideas from the stream audience, then write a ~1,000 word short story on it. Look for the icon of a very helpful moof on his scraps gallery on FA to see more of them. In this very specific case, I had been talking about this idea I had for this new moof, and I described her as 'a deconstruction of the psychopath everyone plays in an open-world RPG'. The kind that completes quests just for the rewards, steals everything not nailed down, and after a while is so grossly overpowered that they're almost bored of becoming masters of YET ANOTHER style of combat.

Her purpose was to be the embodiment of greed, and I must have also mentioned some things about having too many fights where she had to stop and eat fifty cabbages and cheese wheels, which struck a chord with Radda, because he stuck 'TUBMOOF' onto the wheel of ideas. To quote the chat at the time:

19:49 ReepyWritings: I can remove it if need be!
19:49 Balina: No, leave it right there.
19:49 Balina: It won't happen, and if it does I will simply have a stroke.

In retrospect, this was more likely than the one-out-of-whatever chance it appeared, as wheeldecide has an annoying tendency to draw the last result on the first spin. So maybe I underestimated my chances just a tad. Still! I can't argue with results. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind even at the time, but it was still absolutely delightful to watch and throw suggestions at, like all of his streams were. I enjoyed the story enough that later that night I grabbed a stream commission from Bobert to make this picture illustrating the third and final part of the story, to which I am intensely biased towards.

Seasoned Balinologists may have guessed that most of the ideas I had at the time went into the Balbarian, though she bent more towards a Conan vibe than a Skyrim, especially once we got into the ritual she was working on. The flavor of this story is one of the bigger inspirations for the doublemoof, who came later as a way to roll some themes together and fill another important niche. All moofs are tied together in a variety of ways, but these two are particularly so.

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