Balina encourages her friends by Balina

Balina encourages her friends


24 October 2015 at 10:41:38 MDT

This is 100% canon. I have the Skype logs to prove it. I ensured that RaddaRaem got into that stream, and got some cool art that he hasn't posted yet because he is even lazier than I am.

The third and final piece I got during that night, not counting some drunken doodles that seem to have evaporated. Yuroboros did a fantastic job of rendering characters they only just heard of, and I particularly love how they rendered the joints of the roboarms. Need to remember some of those details the next time I shove the head moof at someone.

Art: Yuroboros Yuroboros


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    All the right equipment for being pushy. :D

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    The moof is as pushy as she is generous! :3