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Balina has a rosy outlook by Balina

Balina has a rosy outlook


From: "Head Moof" <>
To: "All Lab Personnel" <>
CC: "Ashley" <>
Subject: Catch Night 8-25-2015

It's that time again. Labs 3, 4, 17, and 20 are currently running data collection, and are to be left spooled up tonight after normal hours. Synthetics will arrive and relieve researchers at the end of their shifts, and as always overtime will be available but voluntary. I don't think I can get the cappuccino machines restocked in time, but we did just get in a shipment of Baja Zoom Citrus Blast, which I'll be more than happy to make freely available instead.

This may be the closet match we've seen yet, and while we're still hashing out the written language, we're pretty sure it's so close it might as well be a cipher. Our target appears to be an officer in a distinctly militaristic organization, but after our experience with the Huggular Empire, I'm not really going to judge someone's culture based on their uniform.

More details will be forthcoming in the morning, once I have had a chance to sort through all this footage.

That night...

Art: KrakenTango KrakenTango (original)

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    Dun dun dun... the negamoof rises! Or I suppose it would be more appropriate to say she is noticed.

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      Well, she descends a little bit later, so she probably had to rise some time!