Banjo Kazooie Fury (Terry Color) by BADeByrd (critique requested)

Banjo Kazooie Fury (Terry Color) (critique requested)


19 October 2019 at 08:19:38 MDT

With the release of #BanjoKazooie for Smash Bros and the upcoming DLC of Terry Bogard official, I somehow felt compelled to draw this. I'm a huge fan of both franchises and it just looked really cute it my head. At first I was just going to draw Kazooie with breasts but after playing through the N64 game again and watching the 100%, seeing Kazooie use a couple of watermelons just seemed funnier (especially those who know who appears in the background of the 100% ending of the game).

Also, I think Banjo looked pretty wicked with a pony tail. ^v^


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    Why is Kazooie so cute as Mai?! ^^

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      I know right? I think part of it is her red feathers. This worked so surprising well I'm looking to dress other Banjo Kazooie characters as Fatal Fury characters.

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        Don't know about her as a sex symbol though. XD