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Trinity (horiz version) by B3rry (critique requested)

Trinity (horiz version) (critique requested)


19 June 2020 at 04:12:10 MDT

This is a half throwback. The idea came to me and I sketched it down in 2015. I coloured it this week.
Inspiration : NIИ - The Downward Spiral.

I tried to leave the skin rough.

I don't know how to display/organize these 3 pieces. Should I show them separated? Aligned horizontally? Vertically? I'm really not sure about the layout I picked.

Disclaimer : I want to make clear that this isn't related with christianity in any way. This is not, by any means, a religious statement.

Don't hesitate to give me constructive criticism! I know I still need to improve. :)

Please do not steal it. Thank you.

With love,

BTW English is not my mother tongue, so don't hesitate to correct some of my sentences if they are not perfect! That would help me :) (Smile)