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throwback - Nightmare Moon the giant by B3rry

throwback - Nightmare Moon the giant


1 June 2020 at 14:48:54 MDT

This is a 7 years throwback. I just stumbled upon a folder with a bunch of art I made when I was a child. I was amazed by the quality of it ! Of course it's not professional, but my self-deprecating younger self kinda hated everything she drew. I was way too self conscious to post it at the time. Now I don't care as much so there you go :)

I had a bronie phase... Here's the result. I wanted to cross two universes with clashing styles. MLP and Shepard Fairey universes.
In this story, Nightmare Moon has taken over the world and this poster is a piece of the propaganda for the supreme leader.
I really like this piece!

I designed it to make stencil graffitis. It works pretty well :)

Don't hesitate to give your opinion!

Please do not steal it. Please please please

With love,

BTW English is not my mother tongue, so don't hesitate to correct some of my sentences if they are not perfect! That would help me :)

I also have a DeviantArt account :