Octazure: "I've got my desires ahead" by AzureParagon

Octazure: "I've got my desires ahead"


26 January 2017 at 19:19:12 MST

"And you know what to give to me."

Vigilantes, such as Azure, will go for anything without avail, hoard resourcefully, & are happy to rebel together. And he loves it, including his team. As a commander of his squadron & leader of purple dragons, Octazure will both stop at nothing and is always miraculously steps ways ahead. Just like a maverick, there is a method to their madness, including this skydragon.

Done by the excellent amarian amarian, Cindy AA. One of a kind, outstanding artist with serious detail & design in colors, hues, & aurora-like lighting!

Octazure © azureparagon azureparagon

Artwork © http://cindyworks.deviantart.com/ar.....zure-659803658