The Ice Queen by azsola

The Ice Queen


15 April 2021 at 05:21:01 MDT

Portrait for one of my players in my D&D campaign. I already drew this character once but I was so unsatisfied with the outcome of that portrait that I decided to go back and redo it. Some changes happened to the character in the story anyway, so it made sense to make a new portrait anyway.

So this is Opale Amaholi, or the Ice Queen, a half-elf draconic bloodline sorcerer with a silver dragon daddy. She's as ice cold as the place she came from and the Frost Bombs (cold-damage variant for Fireball) she throws around. The player and me together came up with the look of her new outfit. I added a little shoulder plate on it to show she's not a fragile girl. The shoulder armor has motifs like the wavy lines and the fish scales that is common decoration on high quality armors in the area where my campaign takes place, in the Free Republic of Hargeldom, where fishing in an important part of traditions and customs.

I hope you like it! ^^

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