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16 April 2016 at 16:36:51 MDT

“Careful,” Zedex cautioned, guiding the feathered drake’s paw away from the eggs, “We want to get this just right.”

They were working on a rather special dinner, one that marked the first month they’d spent together as roommates. It was February and the cold was especially biting outside, but within their kitchen, the thermals from cooking provided a more tolerable atmosphere. Regil clasped a small measuring spoon in one paw, his gaze attentive as the fluffy yellow creature opposite him imparted the finer points of prepping a roast chicken.

“Sorry, just a bit eager,” Regil gripped the utensil softly, his sweatered middle growling faintly in anticipation. Despite the baggy attire, the blue and pearl reptile’s features had begun to pick up a trace of roundness to them. “Please continue, good fluffball.”

Zedex chuckled, his own middle rippling with the faintest accentuation of pudge. On top of the baggy clothes, the mammalian drake also sported ample yellow poof, detracting from his own appreciation for rich foods. “It’s alright, just pay attention and we’ll have this chicken on the counter in no time.”

Regil made to respond, but another growl from his blue belly cut him off, causing the drake to blush. Zedex chuckled and patted his friend’s middle, “I’ll take that as a growl of assent,” he laughed, “Now let us continue!”


Yeah, I know, February was almost 2 months ago. Still, here's the second part of my calendar project for this year. Hopefully, I can catch up with myself sometime, maybe after my exams.

The short story was written by the wonderful Hdalby33
Zedex belongs to zedex zedex

Also, check the alternate version here, by :iconfurthertiger: http://i.imgur.com/vuZ7LVS.jpg XD


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    that is very interesting i hope your sona and Zedex doesn't make a mess in the kitchen as i would hate for it to end up real messy especially with the food which i do admire your sona's smile a lot