Mlpard badge by Azshara kletete

Mlpard badge

Azshara kletete

2 September 2017 at 06:04:55 MDT

This is my first try on traditional badge done with help of my new copic markers : ) I did some layers of coloring with copics and then added a touch with colored pencils. Its amazing how fast I was able to reach fully coloured badge when in comparison with how I did it before (before copics : D)... now I'm even considering to finally start do those things even as commissions : )
Also, this was a kinda random gift for my friend Mlpard. I gave him his previous conbadge too(the only one he owned, as far as I know), and since I was seeing him with it at every con, I was thinking about making him a new one(just look at how awful it looks, and you will understand why :´D - Aand the opportunity came, after he returned from EF, I heard him complaining that his old badge is damaged somehow, so I decided that the time for new badge is NOW. : ) Also, I added little reference on anime, since he is bug fan(even if he is too shy to admit it : D)

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