The worst and the most awesome moment at the same time by Azshara kletete

The worst and the most awesome moment at the same time

Azshara kletete

29 June 2017 at 16:53:00 MDT

This is b-day gift for my girlfriend Werella. I'm not going to describe how awesome she is, because it would be veery long and full of cute gay shit. Soo here have story for this picture instead(it's based on one of my most cherished memories):
We went to hike together, it was supposed to be around 7 hours long tour, but since we didnt exactly know what kind of terrain will be there, in the end it was about 12 hours long tour. At one point, when it was impossible to go back the way we came, there was this big rocky mountain which we had to climb on chains - totally unprotected from falling. We were pretty scared, and of course we were REALLY scared for each other - that the other one will fall. It would be probably more okay if we knew what awaits us there, but this was just... too sudden. When we were taking break from climbing, we suddenly hugged and Werella said that she loves me =^^=, its not like we don't say nice things to each other often, but in that situation it just felt so real and deep...

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