Nall Tales by azi (critique requested)


From the moment he saw the necklace, he knew it had to be his. The young man felt surprised by his own greedy impulses, embarrassed by that sickly sweet urge to deprive another of their rightful treasure. Shiny links, skilfully woven, blacks and greys with greens and oranges, so warm and enchanting. Thievery was a silly thought, and he strove to ignore it. Such notions were below him! And the day's work was much too busy to allow for distractions.

Yet the night came so suddenly, with just an early moon in the sky. He knew the trinket's owner lived alone, in a new house on its own land near the edge of the suburb. Dressed in dark outdoor clothes, with his wild red hair hidden by a hat, he wandered towards the house, keeping to the shadows, nervous but very much alive. The adrenalin had brought him this far, and it seemed much too late to return empty-handed.

An open window saw him easily inside. Soft carpet hid his footsteps, all the way upstairs. Down the hall and into the only bedroom, gently around the snoozing tenant, his gloved mitts taking hold of the necklace. Perhaps it was wrong, yes, but it had all been so easy! In some strange way, that made it feel okay.

The item gave off a bright light as he descended the stairs. Shocked, he gazed at it, as a warm light flowed around the object. Whirls of light and colour turned into a face, a creature, becoming more visible as the seconds passed. Such a cute little bundle, taller and more stout than a rodent, fuzzier than an otter. It seemed like some sort of pet, flowing through the air before landing on his shoulder. Suddenly, it spoke a single word.

He didn't have time to complete a response before that spirit sunk into him, head first and then feet, such uncomfortable and intimate warmth making him yelp and trip over, falling to the soft carpet. At once the creature was everywhere inside him, spreading strange sensations, digging so deeply towards the man's inner essence. Thoughts began to race and run together, and confusion began to set in. Warmth tumbled and cracked in his hands, and disbelief turning to horror as his body changed too. Fingers changed to claws, as his nose began to itch and stretch. Goodness, the magic of the necklace was beginning to consume him entirely!

These beastly hands ignored his will, taking the necklace and wrapping it around his neck. It clung tightly, becoming less of a necklace and more of a collar. Warmth poured in, filling him from feet to legs, his body buckling as the magic commanded him to shrink. And so he did, that tense body dwindling away inside the dark clothing. So quickly, it was too large, drowning him, stubby paws fighting to keep him upright before he was swallowed, and all was dark and warm - thus incubated, the change sped up.

His spine twisted and shrunk, firm forces compressing him, squashing his body nice and thin before stretching him, slinky and much more supple. A tail grew, sprouting and stretching, a fluffy mass that began to jostle of its own accord. His face shaped and screwed down into a triangular muzzle, soft nose faintly visible in his sight, the darkness fading as his eyes changed, gaining more night vision. Arms and legs shrunk away, keeping the musteline creature low to the ground.

Fur itched as it sprouted, and strong paws shaped themselves from his flat, human feet. The sudden realisation came that he was changing into a marten - thoughts that weren't his told of his new self, a old familiar spirit, sneaky and slinky. He no longer felt at all like himself any more, wiggling out of the bundle of clothes. Sleek orangey cinnamon fluff covered almost everywhere, save for his black paws and tail, and a light stripe near the tip.

His body still ached with a powerful heat, and in his mind eye his deepest personality squared off against the inhuman invader. The familiar spirit held great magic, all sealed up in that necklace, spilling out into him so freely. It pressed, squashing them together, mingling their very selves so tightly that they were as one. With the spell complete, the light faded. The reborn creature was left alone in the darkness, one and whole, with trappings around his feet from a whole other life.

Nall tasted fresh air, gasping happily before licking his paws nice and clean. The change had made him hungry, so out of the window he slipped - it would be so good to hunt again, to feed, to be real and feel the winds against his fur once more.


Hunched over his drawing table, the man tapped the eraser end of his pencil several times on his piece of paper and frowned a bit. He felt so rusty - hadn't this once be easy? A few drawn heads, one finished pencil sketch of a ferret. They weren’t bad drawings, exactly…
That particular thought was interrupted, as someone had started talking to him.

"I said, you look unhappy. Need some help?"

He did feel a bit glum, so it was a good question. However, the main confusion seemed to be that it was being asked by his doodle. A silly, toony mustelid no bigger than his sheet of paper. He had just drawn it, and yet it hopped around the page seeming entirely alive.

"Clearly I need more sleep," murmured the man, rubbing his eyes in disbelief.
"Perhaps! But I don't think that's going to cure what really ails you."

From the page he sprang, a small marten no bigger than a hand. He was shaded but lacked colour, entirely black and white; an oddly 3D sketch with a cute, unrealistic shine. Artful, artificial pencil lines traced out his shape in the air.

"You're Nall?"
"I am! But more importantly, who are you? Let's find out..."

The drawing wasted no time waiting for his answer, diving into the man’s coat pocket and wiggling his way back out with a passport. It was about as big as Nall was, and he hopped back onto the table and opened it like a giant newspaper, reading and humming and seeming deep in thought. Some moments passed before the man tried to speak again, about to wonder how this living sketch was talking to him at all - until at that moment Nall coughed and laid the passport cover open, standing right on top of it with a big smile on his doodly face.

"It's okay, but I think I could improve it!"

The living sketch took up a pen, and with careful paws fashioned the end into a paintbrush. Then, he began to scribble over the passport page, seemingly at random. Ah, but that passport was expensive and he needed it! Tired or not, slow reflexes lifted a hand to try and stop the surreal vandalism. All the while, the marten's brushstrokes swiped across dates, vital statistics, even his photo.
Suddenly, his mind went blank. What was he doing again? He seemed to have forgotten.

"Just gotta delete this and start over! Oooh, what shall we call you?"

The marten's idle doodling began to cover the printed photo, and with a sudden touch of urgency he felt his ears stretch out! Where normal ears had been, now he had tall and twitchy rabbit ears that wouldn't behave at all. He pulled them down in front of him, to get a closer look. They felt so silky, and had an unusual painted shine like they weren't real at all.

Distracted by his new ears, he didn't notice Nall writing on the page - giggling at his photo, liking the look, deciding to make it stick! Within his clothes, the man rippled and changed. His nose and mouth tugged out into a short muzzle, with growing bunny buckteeth on show - while his legs and body slimmed right down, so his trousers fell down to his ankles. His legs squashed and grew shorter too, bringing his feet off the floor and making him slip down in his chair, feet uppermost.
He was tickled by a tingling in his feet, preceding a sudden crushing tightness inside his shoes. Frantically, he tried to kick them off, but giant bunny feet erupted from them first - propelling the remains of his shoes across the room, where they landed with a crash.
Big, white, silly toony bunny feet wiggled at at the end of his bunny legs, and toes wiggled at the end of those. His shirt was now too big, very loose around his body. Poking his head down inside, he wriggled his way out of the bottom to show off his new bunny self. Nall was giggling and squirming around on the table, laughing and clearly enjoying himself.

"Yay, it's a bunny! Ah, but they don't have a species field on your passport so I wrote it in place of your sex. That's okay, right?"

A smooth sensation began at the new bunny's little cottony tail, and slid right under to his belly. Just like a cartoon, nothing to see there. This was a rather large departure from what he was used to, and he squeaked in alarm!
"W-what have you done? I-I'm a bunny now..." he said. As he said it, it seemed silly he should have to question it. Of course he was a bunny, he always had been! With those comfortable ears, those cute feet... and the urge to bounce! Puzzled at himself for overlooking something so obvious, he looked to his new friend the marten. He was writing in the bunny's name, and so it appeared in his mind as clear as day.

"Skyler! My name is Skyler!"
"Of course it is, silly!" The small living sketch grinned and peered up at the large bunny. Aw, he was no good up there, far away from a fun weasely hug! So, it was time for another scribble on the passport - the document already looked much more cartoony than it had done before.

Skyler didn't notice quite what was written, but he did notice the sudden shudder that grabbed his body. The bunny contorted and shrunk, squashing so suddenly and visibly that it propelled him out of his seat, throwing him upwards and onto the table! Down and down, shrinking, though in his head it felt like returning to his normal size. Why had he been so giant, anyway? Of course he should be his cute, diminutive self now.

While Skyler pulled himself up on the table, Nall had been rummaging through the pencil case. He threw out a number of pencils, before looking down at the passport.

"I think there's only one more thing we need, and that's some colour!"

Although they were supposed to be pencils, their tips seemed to splatter like paint when the weasel began decorating Skyler's photo. Yellow definitely seemed like the order of the day, and it felt so nice and warm as it drifted up those bunny legs, onto body and arms. Yellow, with a nice white belly, and white paws; so easy to colour in that way! The pink on his nose and in his ears tickled quite a lot, and he found himself giggling, trying not to fall over again!

A loose pencil nearby grabbed his attention. Sneakily, he picked it up, swaying and staggering as it was larger and heavier than expected! While Nall was distracted in finding yet more ways to alter the passport, Skyler began to doodle onto him, down his back and over his tail. This tickled quite a lot, and the weasel could not resist; he ended up squirming on the floor, making it much harder to colour inside the lines!

"Hehe, hold still! Just finishing my doodle off, that's OK, right?"

The pencil lines helpfully spread like paint, so cartoony and bright, wrapping the little mustelid over in orangey brown. Soft cream was next, messy lines sprinkled over his chest and around his tail. Simple sketchy eyes looked up at Skyler as the bunny finished giving the Nall doodle his warm, cinnamon colours back. Once the tickling had worn off, he stood up, and for the first time the two were of a similar height.

The passport had changed size by this point as well, and so now Nall could hold it in his paws. Carefully, he handed it back to the smaller Skyler. Gazing around, the big wide world seemed so much bigger and wider from down here. The weasel pounced his nerdy bunny friend with a happy giggle, and the two rolled about playfully for a few moments.

"Hey, feeling better now, Skyler?"
"Absolutely! Why would I not be?"

Nall wandered back over to the paper laid on the table, drawing himself a nice cosy den within the trunk and roots of a tree. Snagging the bunny's paw, the mischievous marten pulled Skyler down into the picture - letting them fall back into the toony world where they belonged.


Nall paced around the small cage, deep in thought. The marten was beginning to show the first signs of domestication, as a soft white ferret's mask surrounded his bright, green eyes. That showed he'd been cooped up for a couple of days now, as the two giraffe twins wondered what to do with their catch.

This was his lab, all sized for him, so the trespassers had to crouch to avoid his low ceilings. Still, their progress hadn't been impeded at all, and now they sat to discuss which experiment to carry out. They seemed quite keen on the potions, each holding a couple of black vials and making some discussion about why their potion was the right one. Nall saw it then, as the same idea occurred to them both at once, before the pair turned to look at him, and over they came.

Hoofed hands reached into the cage and grabbed the weasel by the scruff, sliding him out. Higher thoughts of escape melted into instinctual calmness, and Nall blushed helplessly - there were certain disadvantages to bring feral. Both vials were raised to his mouth at once, costing his tongue with a mixture of tart liquorice and cinnamon, warmth pushing into his nose and then seeping through his body.

The full impact of what they had done came a few moments later, as he was lowered back into the cage. Two of his potions? That definitely didn't feel safe, and he wriggled uncomfortably. Stretching out, he watched his forepaws slide further away; his back arched, while a stretching tail bumped up against the cage walls. Eek, no, he couldn't be growing, could he? It'd get him out of his prison, at the very least!

Sadly, his growth stopped as he filled about half of the cage. Nall had his senses back, and bigger firmer paws pushed at the walls but they wouldn't budge. Shouting for help hadn't worked before, he didn't see why it would now!

With a strange softness, the black fur of his paws began to spread upwards, covering his lower arms. Grey began to claim his hair and trickle down his back, feeling like cool ice around his upper body. At the same time a powerful warmth grabbed his tail, shaking it and ruffling it, padding it out with extra fluff and extra size. Black felt like heart, burning up from his tail tip to coat all over.

Two different changes taking place at once. In his mind, sneaky magic began to take hold, with the whispers of his new self creeping in at the edge of his reasoning. There were two such intrusions, as well; eachslightly different, providing an unpleasant dissonance that made Nall's head hurt along with his body. Hands became stubbier, and his weaselly face grew even longer, turning white with dark stripes of black over his eyes and along his head. A badger, then, and such a giant one, heavy paws scraping the floor of the cage. The ex-marten could feel it, so close, creeping in under his mind, badger needs filling his desires. An underground lair, some pleasant and occasional friends, and some piece and quiet - soon as he escaped, he could sort that out.

Yet, his feet became lithe, two white stripes drew up his tail, black claimed dominance over the remaining cinnamon brown left on his body. A flat, fuzzy skunk's tail greeted him as he looked back, while thin and graceful feet bounced awkwardly under their bulk. No, not a badger, a skunk! Full of mischief, and knowing a good spray would be the best way to get out of here. But, what to do to his captors after that? Hey, he could always find a fun use for a couple more skunks!

Somewhere under the confusion was Nall, his thoughts leaning from one to the other. The spell had him held tight, and no amount of wiggling was going to get him out of this. Deeply intense waves of sensation pressed into him, as the two changes met one another in his body as well. Then, some resistance suddenly gave way, as an itchy squishy warmth began to knead against all his paws. Badger went down, skunk went up, and each paw split into two - thin skunk paw spread atop large badger mitt. It seemed so sudden in Nall's mind, though it looked more like he was plasticine, and it felt so unfamiliar.

The dark, swishy skunk wriggled its hindquarters free, perched on the bigger badger with his tail wavy. Badger crouched, shaking and jostling to try and free the skunk up, trying to unstick the two of them together. Nall's illusion of having a sensible grasp on the situation was rapidly disappearing, and he succumbed to the inevitable as badger and skunk pulled so firmly. He went both ways at once, two bodies and heads pulling away from another with a start, practical badger and daydreaming skunk fell their separate ways and landed quite roughly against different sides of the cage. For a few moments, Nall was both separately, and then very quickly he was neither.

Badger had the glasses, while Skunk sported a cute purple and white neck bandana. Both peered at each other with green eyes, feral but with some certain recognition, both nowhere near the size they had been when they were one. Smaller skunk slipped against the large badger, making himself comfy, black guy and white stripes nestled tight against black and grey. Monochrome licks came from the badger, cleaning skunk's ears and tidying them up quite passively. The magic tumbled and ceased, its job done - and a tired badger plotted what to do next, keeping a watchful eye on the skunk who had fallen asleep almost straight away.

The giraffes looked on in no small surprise. Then, the heated discussion began about which one they'd each take as a pet.

Nall Tales (critique requested)


19 March 2014 at 18:34:05 MDT

Three very short stories that involve Nall, my pine marten, getting up to all manner of mischief. Tagged for transformation, possession, loss of self, merging, splitting, toony changes, shrinking, growing, feral TF, instincts and intensity and a bit of soft neutering and cages and other stuff.

It's good to get something written again! It had been so long since I even wanted to sit down and write, but this Monday night I was just inspired to get on with it, and three came along at once.

Helpful notes:
Nall looks like this:
I don't feel #1 is actually his origin story, and I guess it kinda implies there's been more to it previously - but it's a fun bit of fluff anyway.
I've been bouncing #2 around with skylerbunny, who also helped me edit it! Thank you, you are awesome. :3 hug!
And, #3 is based on a picture by the wonderful binturongboy -