Extra Life! by AyGee

Extra Life!


13 October 2015 at 20:59:01 MDT

EXTRA LIFE COMMISSIONS! Open till November 6th!

Alrighty people! I've signed up for Extra Life this year, and I want to actually raise money this time around. So I'm gonna take the plunge and open up five commission slots. Each slot will be $25, and here's the way it will break down:

$20 from each slot goes straight to Extra Life, which benefits Children's Hospitals around the US.
The remaining $5 (minus Paypal's share) will go to me for food, because I like food, and it helps me art.

And what does this $25 slot get you? Your pick of the following:

1 full body color sketch (digital) with simple background
2 waist up color sketches (digital) with no background
Reserve 2 slots for one sketch with two full body characters and a more detailed background.

Or, if you'd rather not put down a whole $25, or want to contribute more, you can donate any amount you want directly to Extra Life just below. Just click on 'Support Me' and follow the instructions!

I'll also be brewing up something for the donation totals in general. I'm hoping to make a minimum of $100 this year, but my ultimate goal is $200. More to come as the week progresses!

Further info, as well as a place to post your requests for a slot, can be found on my FA journal, linked below:

Submission Information

Visual / Digital