MHA - Cosplays by Ayanaki

MHA - Cosplays


13 July 2016 at 19:02:19 MDT

My Hero Academia has been a very good art motivation source! I've been having a lot of fun with these character "cosplays" hehe. If you guys have any other character cosplay suggestions from mine or friends characters fire away.

*top left to right .
Razor as Spinner (it's scary how well this one worked out) yarkwark
Tero as Eraserhead yarkwark
Sparks as Kaminari (pretty boy Sparks happened) yarkwark
*bottom left to right
Patch as Deku (he's shy around girls) hunterbahamut
Oriko as Uraraka
Naki as Tsuyu


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    What is the circle around the middle one??? A scarf in motion?

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      It's a scarf that he uses to capture/attack.

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        Is it form a game?

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          It's from the manga/anime My Hero Academia.

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    AHHHH! All the action and poses for these. I love them! Everyone is fitting the character so well!
    Man, seeing a full body of Tero as Eraserhead is very cool. Gotta love how powerful his brows are even with the goggles on. X3 Sparks as a pretty boy is just too nice...till he goes lunkhead mode.
    Naki is winning my heart on here as Tsuyu. Ribbit!

    Thank you! X3

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      You're welcome, glad you enjoyed these ^^ they were a lot of fun.
      Tero's eyebrow game shall always be strong! I might actually give lunkhead mode Sparks a try the idea sound hilarious.
      Naki fit the Froppy role too well here XD