BlowUpNShowUp: Grabbit by axelroo

BlowUpNShowUp: Grabbit


10 March 2013 at 07:02:18 MDT

In terms of things furry-related in my life, I've been doing fursuit performance stuff since 1998 and to be honest, I'm satisfied with my "career" so now I'm taking on the viewpoint of an artist in the furry-fandom and to be honest ,I've only been doing this since January of 2012. However, I don't want to slide back on all the experience I have as a performer so I decided to create a group that works between the two, BlowUp N ShowUp. The idea is to help people with ideas for suits and work out the details while modeling it. The result, the client gets a turn-table 3D reference of the idea created they can then give to the person they want to commission and hopefully a better result for them overall. I do this for free to gain experience and my first project was a good friend, RedXiX who was looking to do upgrades on his favorite suit, Grabbit. To see the finished result, see BnS @