The Eye of Ramalach 134 by Avencri

The Eye of Ramalach 134


19 March 2014 at 20:42:21 MDT

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Hello Everyone! Avencri here!

Some little announcements:

First of all, just to remind you that thanks to the new Patreon page. i am updating The Eye of Ramalach in a bi-monthly manner. The way my Patreon page is set up is to be based on the updates to The Eye of Ramalach i make and not in the usual monthly manner most other pages are set up. I just thought this would be more practical for everyone involved.

Second, thanks to Patreon we have hit the first milestone that changes Tina of the South from a donation comic to an actual bimonthly one. What does this mean? That new pages are not dependent on donations anymore and that each month there will be two pages of Tina of the South. They are set to update on the weeks that The Eye of Ramalach is not updating. I want to thank all of you that supported my Patreon page.

Third, i want to thank Mihari on this particular update for helping me define the dialogues and Alex’s output. I was having a really hard time. For those that follow my Patreon, you will notice that part of this page were cut from the previous ones. We just expanded on that what was cut.

As for now, i will just rest and continue sketching the next Tina of the South page and the commissions i owe at the moment. I am always glad to hear your opinion and input.

I also want to mention that we have changed the comic page to fit the new version of the Katbox site. I am quite happy with the new banners. XD

Thanks for reading!

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