Bookmark: Water by Avanii

Bookmark: Water


11 February 2014 at 08:35:47 MST

Made originally in 2012. The fourth and last bookmark never got made, heh D:

Part one of four bookmarks based off the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire and Air. I give each of my characters a dominant element, in this case, Benjamin, Lin and Mayra are water types. They are generally calm personalities, but they are not by any means 'shallow'. In the Dutch language there is a saying: "Quiet waters have deep bottoms", which applies to them very well. They are adaptive and will always find a way to get what they need: like water flowing towards the sea. Lin the ferret is blind, but adapted very well. Ben the rat is an outcast but has found a way to enjoy himself even more than before. And Mayra the cat has always been a mysterious character, like the smooth surface of a lake at night, lit only by the light of the stars. Beautiful, but potentially dangerous.

After these ramblings some practical info: Drawn on Smooth Bristol paper with China ink, coloured with Copic markers with some details done in Prismacolor pencils. For some reason the scan looks so much harsher and messy than the original, I'm not sure which settings I need to change to get rid of that effect. Sorry for the watermark, but I am very proud of this and don't want it stolen :/ I drew this back in the summer months, but never got around to scanning it. Anyways, enjoy!

Art and charaters are © to me, Avanii

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