Chromaggia Reference by Autophobicat

Chromaggia Reference


10 June 2014 at 22:31:33 MDT

This is my new fursona, Chro. Sorry the drawing is just a sketch.

Her name sounds like "Crow-mag-ee-uh." She also goes by Crow, since that is the right sound and a nice nickname. She never goes by her full name, just Chro/Crow.

  • She's a type of mystical animal familiar. She's based off of a fennec fox but isn't exactly a true one.
  • She has wings and can fly with them, they're not meant to look atomically correct because she is sort of like a spirit.
  • She loves birds and would never harm them.
  • She doesn't need to sleep, although she can rest her eyes for dreams and pleasure.
  • She can be very quiet and a bit of a trickster.
  • She is monochromatic, which in my head I made a type of familiar.
  • She does have a small mane going from her mid-back up to her forehead
  • She is about the size of a fennec fox / cat
  • She has shapeshifting abilities although she doesn't use them often
  • She can be extremely insecure
  • She can be very overly sensitive
  • She does not like to be left alone
  • Her blood, skin, genitals, etc are all the same purple color.

Her name is based off of a song from "Repo: The Genetic Opera" called Chromaggia.

A long time ago
a fatal bird named
met the arrow of an archer
while flying.
Along the lava coasts
for years, thinking it was being
it escaped the arrow

Chromaggia chromaggia
why don't you face danger?
the arrow was attached to its wing
and it flew trying to shake it off

Pulling the arrow
others get wounded because of me
because of me

down! towards the devil's mouth!
its arrow, my eyes

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