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Bob in Food Heaven by Astro-Mike

Bob in Food Heaven


When Bob woke up, he didn't know where he was or how he got there. The last thing he remembered was winning a tournament thanks to what he believed to be a perfect body. All he knew was that there were mountains of food around him and he was starving. Luckily for him, Bob didn't have to move to start eating. All he had to do was think about it and open his mouth and the food would start flying in. He found the food to be incredibly fattening, and that he was rapidly becoming too fat for his clothes; and it wasn't before long that Bob was sitting naked and hairy on the ground. The food supply seemed to be endlessly refilling itself, ensuring that Bob could not go a moment without being fed. Bob did not know how much time had passed until he had realized that he had gotten so fat that his body had submerged into and become one with his gut, leaving Bob just a head and gigantic belly. Even though he knew that he couldn't fight anyone anymore, he didn't care. He had come to realize that wherever he was, he was permanently 'trapped' there anyways; but he was so glad he was. He felt a sense of euphoria when he realized that his old self was wrong; because this was the perfect body, and it was only going to keep improving.

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