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WALKING WAKE x DRAGONAIR ADOPT - $20 SB by astrodrak_adopts



WALKING WAKE x DRAGONAIR pokemon fusion / pokefusion adoptable !

owner: ??

SB: $20
MI: $5
AB: $65 
( + cut-away back view)

ends in 72 hours
if no bids after 72 hours, ends 24 hours after last bid
timer on commishes :

winner will get unwatermarked + transparent version upon payment!
can edit to be just the version with / without breasts

can be traded/resold/edited, just credit me for design!
please only bid if you have the funds / are willing to pay; backing out or hiding bids without a good reason will result in being blacklisted!
please be able to send payment within 48 hours of the auction ending!

i offer edits for a small surcharge, just ask :D

shiny / alt. palette version: + $20
headshot: + $20
chibi: + $25
maw view: + $15
paw view: + $15
eye close-up: + $10
nsfw version: + $15

base: godbird

see adopts early, get discounts on preclaim prices, and vote on what pokemon to use in future adopts on my patreon for $2! [18+ only!]

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