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Echo Lookin' Badass by Ashpond

Echo Lookin' Badass


So she is a pilot, but I wanted to do a kind of 'cool chick in front of a plane' vibe, hence the ship parts in the BG. I wish I had put rivets on them now maybe. Still, super happy with this, I know the green colors maybe feel more 'army' than pilot, but no joke, I sampled the colors from Guile's sprite from street fighter hahaha so I stuck with it just for that trivia. :P I did this for Pambrose99 She is a painted dog, super hard to get 'right' but also what an awesome species to pick. I've always had a soft spot for them.


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    This is so cool, I love the different textures and the way you stylized the face!

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    And looking hotass too, this lady. B-)