Powderburn Title by Ashpond (critique requested)

Powderburn Title (critique requested)


17 December 2016 at 06:30:52 MST

"Open your mouth with bloody teeth and cry my name." - The Virvivian

Alright, going to try to do this for real. Been bullshitting about making this for years. Gonna give it a real fucking go over the next few months. Lets see what happens. I would love to hear any feedback you guys have over the next few months. Please don't hold back.


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    Well, the title and the art give me the impression that it's gonna be a pretty wild ride, so that has me more than interested!
    The only suggestion I can make right now, and is something that should be implemented all along the comic (If it's in your interest to do so), is to take lots of care when creating/replicating guns; the weapons here displayed look really cool ("the higher the caliber the better" is my motto :P ) but I'm not sure if they feel functional... they seem to be break action weapons, but I can't see that mechanism displayed (still, the sword handles are covering the section where it should be visible, so I might be wasting your time with this feedback).
    Aaaaanyway, best of wishes to you and your project!

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      Hey thanks, yeah you know I imagined them breaking behind the sword handles, but you're right and now I can't unsee it, haha, looks kind of weird hidden like that. Hum.