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Personal - Original Species Size Chart by Ashen_Oni_Creations (critique requested)

Personal - Original Species Size Chart (critique requested)


1 April 2020 at 07:33:11 MDT

Full HD view -

This has been an on-going project for a few months between commissions.
It features all my original species (and some subspecies with obvious height differences) that reside in my world and story. There is one new species I am missing from this but I'm far from really done with them.

My species are available to adopt/get a custom of or make your own but please ask first which one's are open as some I have semi-open or closed due to to many complicated traits or incomplete lore.

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Art and species all © to Carlie Jaye Martin / Ashen Oni Creations / DO NOT USE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!


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    NOTE: All designs here are also for sale for $20 usd
    (apart from the Uxoturam, Krol and dark Reziri Hound, I'm keeping those three)