The Star Tarot by AshasCadence

The Star Tarot


24 October 2017 at 00:24:43 MDT

"There are nights so diamond-clear that it seems as if the stars are close enough to reach out and touch. Capture starlight in your hands and see your own brilliance shimmering there. Let doubt fall away, all the petty cares of the earthly path. The Star tells a story of eternity that reaches far beyond any one lifetime. All is well, and all will be well. Believe in the rightness of your place in the universe. Your psyche has a unique destiny to fulfill, foretold in the stars. Searching for this destiny is your quest, the quest of each person who takes mortal form. The Star that guides each of us shines a light of hope, faith, and infinite trust. This is the great truth: whatever you truly need will always be given. Every part of your being is made of stardust, and you can never be separated from the cosmic dance of creation."

Key ideas: Purity, hope, destiny, the pattern of the cosmos, divine intervention, faith

Figured I'd submit this as I'm making tarot cards of some of my characters. Here's Ashas. I felt she feit the Star Tarot best.

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