Vie et Mort by AshasCadence

Vie et Mort


27 August 2016 at 21:33:30 MDT

I dunno how long I've been working on this. Maybe a month or less than a month. Not sure. It's a blur but I'm so pleased how this came out and I need to start working on more personal art stuff like this. I always wanted to try a tarot/mucha like style with one of my characters or a couple, but I of course picked my main protagonist for it. Asha was fun to work with despite fighting with colors and shading to blend her in then try not to blend her in too much or else she'd get lost with the background. Oi.

"Life and Death" Vie et Mort

Asha is one of the guardians in my growing headworld and she has the powers of giving and taking life. The flowers I picked in here are symbolic in part of her personality and element of her power. In the bowl is a black skull. Dunno why I chose black because I think black just gives the sense of unknown, mystery but also in some text could mean death and it being a skull, which is bone, symbolizes death usually.

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    Very Very lovely picture Asha <3 I love the turn out