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16 April 2016 at 22:00:44 MDT

Decided to pick on Namasai Daaha for this tagging no thanks to kasia88 on furaffinity or sythgara on deviantart <....<

  1. Namasai has cataracts in his left eye
  2. He used to live in South America but was transported as a slave to Egypt
  3. He fears going blind
  4. Rather stoic he is courteous and gentle to most people otherwise standoffish to new people.
  5. Usually his kind are imported to Egypt for occupations in guarding, protecting treasures/persons/etc. or in worst cases fighting pits for entertainment. Nam was given the job to watch over the pharaoh's son at a safe distance.
  6. After the pharaoh died and his very young son took the throne he appointed Nam as his advisor, releasing him from his slavery
  7. Namasai does not like the council or other advisors nor they him
  8. Nam is very protective of his little Thutmose. He looks to him as his own son and treats him as one since Thutmose' father didn't.

Sorry took me a while. Just wanted to do a character that's been on the side and wanted to do something big for him. :}

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    guh... Your naga are always so amazing! Love the tid bits of story to go along with Namasai as well.
    I really need to scrounge up some money and get one I've got in mind designed by you some day D: Spare funds are just super non-existent as of late. :c

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      Oh gosh thank you. Please take your time. I would love to help design your naga too x3

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        I believe I sent you a note forever ago with details to get a price quote, actually? >w< Hopefully I'll get the chance to get something of him from you when taxes come back! RL willing of course. :B

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          :} Oi taxes have been slackin this year.


          If it was forever ago (dunno how long forever is) my prices are there on that link whenever you are ready :}

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            Apparently 'forever ago' is October 2014 XD
            It seems your prices have increased slightly, since then. You had quoted me $100 for something similar to Ismaleth's ref sheet. But I'll keep that page on hand for when I'm able to afford something from ya! :D

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              XD omg FOREVER AGO!! XD

              Oh ya prices have gone up.

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                lol yeaaah~ XD Oh well, Just means i got a bit more saving to do :D I WILL get something from you eventually >w<