Fire Emblem Awakening: Grandmaster Mike by ArtsySpaniel

Fire Emblem Awakening: Grandmaster Mike


8 April 2013 at 23:53:14 MDT


Tactician gifted with exceptional commanding ability and a pivotal unit in any army. Able to wield Tomes and Swords

I've never really been into the Fire Emblem series all that much but the newest one for the 3DS is simply amazing~ I love everything about it and it's been a long time since I've been this excited to play a video game. I was also excited to hear that the character you create actually plays a pivotal role in the story and you can take part in battles. Because of that, I decided to draw this up.

This is my current class in the game and I love it so much. Something about being able to use magic and swords just fits me perfectly hehe. And the outfit is just awesome~ Speaking of which, this is actually my first time drawing armor. And it took forever to do! >A< At least it's done now lol.

I've actually got a few more of these in store for the future to make a little figurine series though it might take a while to get them all done considering how long this took me lol. Hope you enjoy this one though and look forward to the others~

*Bonus points if you know what the name of the sword is :)*

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