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COMMISSION SALE by arseniccyanide



Hey guys~! since I have been pretty dry on commissions lately, I have decided to temporarily drop all of my commissions prices quite a lot.

I draw ANY gender, species, or fetish!!

Main Strengths:

-General Fetish Art
-General Furry Art
-General Human Art

Prices (USD;Paypal Only):

-Sketches used to be 10$
-They are now 5$
-(includes 1 character. 10$ for 2+ characters)

-Flats used to be 25$
-They are now 15$
-(includes 1 character. 10$ each additional character)

-Fulls used to be 35$
-They are now 25$
-(includes 1 character. 15$ each additional character)

-Commissions include a background consisting of a flat color, gradient, pattern, very simple scene, or imported image
-Any detailed scene backgrounds cost additional, and price can be discussed

Comment or message me on here or FA if you are interested or have questions!!