2nd person Hippogryph TF for Glenhall by ArrowQuivershaft

The initial feeling is one of warmth. There's not any pain, just a general warm, fuzzy feeling, like you've had too much to drink. Your reflexes slow a bit as you walk, feeling awkward. Your back tightens, feeling stiff and a bit sore as you look down. Your foot slips on the floor a bit, and then again as you walk. Missing a third step sends you crashing down onto the carpet. You throw out your hands to catch yourself and that’s when you first realize that something is different.

Your hands are yellow. Not a jaundiced, sickly yellow, but a bright yellow, with roughening skin. The fingers seem longer, more bony, and the rough skin takes on a pebbly appearance as scutes for visibly on the back of your hands up and towards your wrist, and then your elbow. As you watch in shock, your nails darken, blacken, and erupt outwards into short sickle claws.

Above your elbow, black and white feathers start to come in, growing in in bands. As you start at them, the twinge in your back gets worse. Looking up and back, your neck suddenly twists far more than it should be able to, just in time to get a full view of the bulges on the back of your shirt, before the fabric tears and two large wings break out, folding up towards your neck and then back down.

Staggering to your feet, you hop up on a bed and sit down as your pelvic area swells, rounding out into powerful muscle, covered in dark, blue-tinged fur you can see through the torn clothing. As feathers continue to spread to your torso and up your neck, a tingling in your teeth is followed by a strong pressure, as a yellow hooked beak breaks out past your lips, your nose deforming and sliding onto the top of the base of the beak. Your sight blurs for a moment as you reach up to rub your eyes, then stop as everything snaps back into crystal clarity.

Your feet go numb as the nails pop out of them too, lengthening into long appendages, the five nails merging into what appears to be a hoof, as your balance overall changes. Fur continues to grow down your legs and up feathers over your head, and a large, equine tail pops out in a surge as you sit there…and then it’s done. The feeling of warmth subsides, and, looking over to a mirror, you are left with quite the number of questions…and only one answer. It happened.

2nd person Hippogryph TF for Glenhall


14 September 2018 at 17:10:01 MDT

Another 2nd person TF, this time written for Glenhall. Enjoy!

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