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Pride Arrow by arrowny18

Pride Arrow


14 June 2021 at 14:04:22 MDT

Since it's Pride Month, I thought I might as well come out and make this official.

Hello, my name is Arrow and I'm asexual.

Happy Pride Month.

Arrow © me
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    Sooo... You're great at archery? You're an Arrow ace!
    Jokes aside, I'm proud of you for coming out, Arrow. Stand tall! Stand proud! Your name is Arrow, you're asexual, and you don't (insert phrase of your choosing about how you don't care about their opinion)! Always be true to who you are and let nobody tell you otherwise! (Like "You can't be!", "You can't do that! I/We won't let you!" or "You're just doing it for the attention!" or my personally disliked ones "You just haven't haven't met the right person yet! Let me set you up with..."/"How dare you say that out loud!" (they think it's disgusting for some reason) and "Why? Don't you want to have kids? You can't have kids if you're anything but vanilla-straight!", etc. [All ones I've had my ex-family tell me because "reasons"! And that's cause I was being myself!] Wanna know what pride I am? I am Proud of each and every single person here UNLESS they act like butts to people (do bad things). I am so very proud of you! Sending you virtual hugs & good vibes!

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    My apologies for the extremely long comment. May your light be forever shining throughout eternity.