Usual Practice 0008 by Arogard (critique requested)

Usual Practice 0008 (critique requested)


12 June 2015 at 07:11:50 MDT

This sketch and the prior I was thinking of coloring and all that to the shading of fireworks going on above them, but then I remembered I don't know how to make something look painted with gimp x3

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    Overall, not a bad piece. Could use some anatomical tweaking, but I can see a unique art style in the making.

    Anatomy: The ears look like they are attached to the back of the head, they should overlap on the front just a little bit. The muzzle looks like it comes out as a right angle, there is a slight curve when the muzzle separates from the head. Ears aren't supposed to end in a perfect point, so adding a little curve at the top will help. I would suggest adding some fur on the cheeks so his head doesn't look like it doesn't have fur. The torso shape isn't bad at all. The arm behind his back should curve back further at the shoulder, not aligned with his side. The arms could be a little longer too: a general rule of thumb is that the elbow is aligned with the bellybutton and the fingertips are at mid-thigh. If the arms look too long using that method, then it usually means your legs are too short.

    The main thing I would focus on is cleaning up your sketches. I see a lot of wobbly lines and coloring outside the lines. I couldn't tell if he was supposed to be grinning or frowning. The only thing I can suggest to help with the wobbly lines is practice drawing straight lines, curvy lines, etc, and then try going over them as if you were going to outline them.

    I'm not that great with describing things through text, so if you wanted, I'd be glad to redline for you. I hope this critique helped~!

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      thanks for the advice on the ear placement and shape, fur, and shoulder :D I know the arms came up a little short, and my lines are shaky because my hands are naturally that way x3 I was thinking of trying my hand at using my tablet more to touch up the sketches :)

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        You're welcome, I'm glad I helped~! ^^ Shaky hands are understandable. Your tablet would probably help out a lot.