Gaiwan by ArmedDillo (critique requested)

Gaiwan (critique requested)


7 March 2019 at 13:25:49 MST

Twentieth of 24 speedpaints based on limited colour schemes. The list can be found here:
This one is based on Pumpkaboo.

Time taken: TOO LONG

This is the home stretch, just a few more left...!

The rim of the cup and plate entirely too difficult to get right; they're so thin! But at least now that I have an idea how to do it, it shouldn't be too bad next time I wanna draw something similar. The whole thing is shaky and uneven, but I'm still glad I got it somewhat correctly.

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    I think your elliptical shapes might be to long vertically. It's especially noticeable where the lid meets the the top. Other than a bit more refining this looks like a pretty solid study. I don't know if you are remembering to step from your peices but a little distance can help figure out what's off before you get frustrated with it.

    Good luck on your speedpaints!

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      Thanks for your feedback!
      I've admittedly had some issues with very thin shapes and slight curves, so I'll try and focus on improving that much.
      As far as stepping back goes, it's part of what saved this piece, actually! The lid and plate, and the rim of the cup, all looked completely off, and I wouldn't have caught it without looking back. If I had more time, I'd probably have corrected it (or at least tried to...), but in the interest of completing it in one sitting, I had to compromise. x~x"

      I'll keep it all in mind for next time I draw/paint something similar, though!