Journey's End by ArmedDillo (critique requested)

Journey's End (critique requested)


6 January 2019 at 13:34:00 MST

Twelfth of 24 speedpaints based on limited colour schemes. The list can be found here:
This one is based on Castle in the Sky.

I'm terribly sorry that I couldn't get through this challenge in one go... and that it took so long to get me started back up on it. Once I stopped once, inertia took hold and prevented me from working on these for far too long. I don't know if I can be as consistent now as I was for the first 11, but I'll try.

I also had to cheat a little with this one. It was meant to be a speedpaint, but I ended up doing it in two or three sittings instead, because it was a bit more ambitious than I first realized. It probably took a bit over 4 hours overall. There's still a lot of things I'm unsatisfied with, but overall I think it's okay, and I shouldn't keep reworking it otherwise I'll be on it forever.

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    I love the colours here! And the silhoureete is looking cool too. My only critique is the perspective and scale of the fortified town. I still like it though!

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      I wish I had selected the colours; they're definitely my favourite on the list.
      Perspective is certainly one thing I had a lot of trouble with; I'm not sure at all how I could have gotten the town to look right, I even started from scratch about three times. x~x