Arly Cosplay - Hestia by Arlyurl

Arly Cosplay - Hestia


24 May 2015 at 00:27:34 MDT

This was kind of a pain for being fanart. :P

If you haven't been around the internet, at the time of this writing, the newest sexy girl obsession is titled "Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka" .... which roughly translates "Can you fall in love in a dungeon adventure?" give or take (I'm not looking for corrections please). The fandom has alternatively given it the short name "DanMachi"

Anyways, the sexy girl in question is the female lead Hestia, this world's version of the greek goddess of the hearth/family, in a world where gods from various religions run a sort of guildhouse business called Familias. Hestia has made a big impact over the seas with her... creative outfit, namely the fanservice ribbon. To be honest, I'm fairly certain I'd be in pain wearing something like that for nearly 24/7, but it feels like a design suited for Arly, so... yea.

Been trying to get this thing done for a month, but between school finals and then being hit with a pretty bad illness.. well this is really the first time I've had to work on anything, and I felt like stretching the drawing muscles... bad idea.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy, though... this is only part 1. If you'd like to see more, well... Look for my Pixiv page. Shouldn't be that hard if you trust google. There were ulterior motives to cooking this up.

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    Bunny grabby hands

    ^^ looks awesome love, Arly is totally a goddess. Great work on the legs i'm ultra jealous of them.

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    You did an amazing job Moo. ^^ That is a Moo Goddess if I've ever seen one. <3

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    Goddess elf moo :P very well done arly!

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    I find the smile a fraction odd, but everything else is superb! Love those legs, and the pose, and the way you have her tits; they have a lovely shape and weight. Nice work, hun! ^^

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    Absoluuuutely beautiful, that outfit fits her so damn well! It fits everything about Moo!

    Mootiful job Moo <3

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    so much squish! its awesome!

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    Very cute and well done.

    I myself don't get the appeal of Hestia. I see that she's cute and everything but what also strange is how people rave about her being an oppai loli. She doesn't fit the definition for me. When I think oppai loli, I think Komoe from Eiken; adorable little girl with super disproportionate tits. Not girl who's maybe 12 or so who's boobs look about an average handful. Hell, Arly is much more suited to the title of Oppai Loli Goddess, and she's as you portray her most of the time, an adult.

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      Yea I agree. Komoe is still the poster child of that title to me. But I think its not helped by the fact the show itself calls her that which... is weird, because now you're introducing modern fetish terms to a fantasy world... I don't get it either, but yea, the feel of the outfit is whats most appealing I think. Not the character herself. Beyond the sexual image, she's about as Mary-Sue as they come. If anything, I'd expect her to be one of those not-girlfriends of the main character of a fighting game. :P

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    Arly is S-tier waifu, she humbles the poo-tier Hestia with this cosplay

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    Beautiful. ^.^ ♥

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    Cool Design^^