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WtV: Patriarch closeup by AriesHausdorff

WtV: Patriarch closeup


23 May 2020 at 15:18:07 MDT

WtV: Faction Sultanates: The Patriarch of the feline enclave, closeup

Made for me by

Full description here:

Full name: Shah Sher, son of Ewek, (former) ruler of the tribe of the salty marshes
Nickname: Sher-Shah Ewekar ; or just: Patriarch
Gender: male
Species: lion-like tiger mutant
Age: ~ 42
Religion: Loosely agnostic with parts of ancestor worship
City or town of birth: Kraal Salty Marshes
Languages spoken: Tribal and Amazon Kwanikwa
Native language: Tribal Kwanikwa
Relationship Status: Polygamuously married

Height: 2,60 m
Weight: 320 kg
Figure/build: broad shoulders, massive torso - Like the Hulk, but with fur and fangs.
Hair colour: graying black with silver traces
Hairstyle: long wavy mane with several small braids
Facial Hairstyle: Shaggy facial fur
Eye colour: Gold-brown with blue specks
Scars/distinguishing marks: (lots) Primarily one large scar of a scorpion claw running diagonally over his chest. Several hairless spots on his left torso and left arm where the acid of a dune carver sprayed him. Many clawmarks, scars of previous battles.

Smoker: Yes, pipe, but only seldomly
Drinker: No
Recreational Drug User: Smoked in former times dried marsh rose leafes, nowadays more used to some dried herbs with a bit of catnip
Addictions: very fond of catnip for both the calming and the sedating effect.
Physical ailments: He is very old for his species. If not for being an extremely healthy and fit example of his kind, he would have snow white hair by now and would have lost his fangs due to old age. There are gray, blind and near senile shamans that are about the same age as him. Perhaps because he has his testosterone a bit better under control, he hasn't aged as much.

Personality: Fatherly. Protective. If not for viewing everybody inside Tehuioy as his chldren, his agressive instincts might urge him to rend and thrash everybody and everything not related to him by blood. If roused past a triggeringpoint, he would go berserking. A threat to his children will trigger such a rage agaisnt anyone and anything threatening them. He trained himself to consider the whole town to be his children for a reason.
Likes: Children. All children.
Dislikes: Anybody threatening children.
Favourite colour: "The color of a womans eyes."
Hobbies: Storytelling and cooking

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Carnivore
Preferred food: Fish, crustaceans. reptiles
Preferred drinks: Water, watered honeywine
Dislikes as food: Insects of any kind

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