WtV: Sketch: Tanaz and Manfred by AriesHausdorff

WtV: Sketch: Tanaz and Manfred


5 March 2017 at 12:22:45 MST

Cream.Pup on FA made this picture for me. It'san illustration fo the book "the children of earth".

This is the actually older version of the picture of Tanaz ibn Ardach and Manfred von Feldstein.
Here Tanaz appeared larger than Manfred.
With 14 earth-years of age, Tanaz is nearing adulthood, whilst Manfred with 12 years is still a child.
Still, with 1.12m height Tanaz is smaller than the 1.30m short Manfred.

Considering the mental patterns in regard to behaviour, Manfred beats most adult fennekim in regards to "adult manners", such as thoughtfullness and reasoning power.
Compared with what Tanaz sees with adult male fennekim - who usually seldomly grow taller than 1.20m - on a daily base, Manfred actually does come across as an ancient wise sage.

Which is why her assingment - to guard over him and gain his trust - is less of a burden than a pleasurable honor for her.

Or, to phrase it naughtily, in this case its not the boy getting the girl, but rather the girl grabbing the boy by the scruff, ready to carry him away to safety. If neccessary without his consent by knocking him out.

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