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Gaping invitation - by NummyNummz by Arcturax

Gaping invitation - by NummyNummz


28 April 2014 at 18:26:00 MDT

Before you stands a creature of legend, the Kitraxian, also known as a batgryph in common terms. She looms over you, 35' long or bigger depending on your size and opens her muzzle her long tongue spilling out. The view inside shows her many sharp and long fangs, the long length of her slimy tongue, deep palette ridges and a gaping throat beyond that has no uvula to get in the way.

As Kitraxians breathing tubes are serviced by two holes in the back of the throat with the windpipe going behind the esophagus instead of in front as with creatures from Earth and some other places, they can swallow a surprisingly large amount with a nice visible throat bulge as they do so.

Should you climb up onto the curve of her tongue to relax as if it were a hammock, she might let you linger for a bit before taking you in. She only bites creatures too large to swallow, so she'll simply take her time suckling and playing you with that large tongue before finally pulling her down her throat with its strong muscles.

Down inside, you'll find yourself inside her crop, which doesn't digest but is to store food for later. It will be slimy with secretions designed to keep bacteria down and everything slippery for the next phase, but she can keep you there indefinitely. From there, it is simply her will as to whether to bring you back up safe or as a gift for a mate, or to collapse the crop around you to push you deeper down to her stomach and gizzard where you will become part of her... forever.

Art © Nummynumz over on FurAffinity

Character and Kitraxian species is © arcturax arcturax

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