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Icon for a Crappy Discord server by Arctaxia

Icon for a Crappy Discord server


This is an icon I made over the course of a week back in June for a discord server which I already left because of toxic kids, but I'm bored (and tired) and I don't have any other art that I'm proud enough of to post, so I may as well just upload for the sake of uploading

I also made a holiday version recently before I left.

here's the rest of the description from deviantart because I don't feel like typing more right now

My aim for this image was to create a "wholesome" vibe with the cat and pastel rainbow text logo. I did not focus on adding an excessive amount of detail to the cat or the text because this is an icon that is going to be viewed at small sizes. The text logo is supposed to look somewhat like frosted cookies.

(Good luck trying to add me on discord using the info in the watermark, my requests and DMs are closed to the public ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

Software used: Inkscape for the main subject, GIMP for the background, drop shadow, and watermark

Deviantart crosspost if you care

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