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My Own Personal Tubbo Fox by Arcaroo

My Own Personal Tubbo Fox


'Jaden had felt such emotions that he wasn't even capable of describing as to what Arc, aka Rae, had done to him, of course he became immobile, but on the other he felt staisfied,
well fed, and very warm and squishy, no need for clothes to, of course his science days are over, as his bloated gut sloshed and gurgled from the amount of doughnuts stuffed
into his gut, but as a little tease Rae decided to slap his gut and say
"This baby can fit so many doughnuts~!"
Jaden let out a lout belch and responds
"Y-You... you are and evil, but adorable, and I love you, course now I can't do many things but uh... you know what, I'm fine with it~"
"Good~! Cause your gonna be my new personal bed for well, a very long time Jae, besides you'll be gettin a life time supply of doughnuts!"
Jaden and Rae give a nice little kiss to each other, and Jaden puffs in a lil air into Rae to make sure she at least get's a fill in some softening up
"I'm glad you decided to test my limit, and sure I deny it and all, but you know what, I'm your tubby foxxo Rae"
"That's always a nice thing to hear, now it's gettin late though Jaden so maybe it'd be a good idea to hit the snooze button don't ya think~?"
"Agreed Rae Rae, just uh, be warned, I might puff ya up while your asleep, but I'm sure you won't mind that~"
And at that, the two fetishy yet adorable and wholesome dorks fell asleep moments later, snuggling into each other and giving one more smooch, and Jaden makes sure that
Rae got some extra pumps into her belly~ sweet dream you two'

Story excerpt by Jaden (JaGay on FA), aka the lovely blob pictured above <3

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