Udder Regret by ArathMonster

Udder Regret


11 August 2017 at 17:13:10 MDT

[I]I apologize for the pun, I had to.
This is a practice thing with my sona (me?)
Anyway, this started out as a quick switch. And then I wanted to color it. And then I wanted to try my hand at the digital Oil Paint brush in MediBang. So, here we are. From a joke to a full drawing.

Anyway, the drawing was from a random rp event with Luke maxwell. A miscommunication, to be specific.

The drawing itself took a lot of experimenting to figure out how to blend without just using the Blur tool over and over again and how to create some sort of texture. I found that it was better to block in the colors from my ref of my sona, roughly color in the darker and the lights, blur, and then add in steaks of close colors for the structure, and then overlay a light color with about 4% transparency. Fun.
Despite being based on a very strange concept, this is my best at digital art as of now, with actual shading and textures.

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