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A Place of Year Long Cookout Vibes by Apolarburr17

A Place of Year Long Cookout Vibes


Last month marked the two year anniversary of the BIPOC Fur Discord, a server I am a part of and help maintain. Last year I wrote a poem called “Anniversary of a Server Made For Us” which I’ll link below “ along with the BIPOC Fur Twitter. This year I decided to write another poem in celebration of a space that feels like a little more than just another discord server but I digress. I decided to be a little more free form with this as opposed to my more typical rhyming ones and also went for a bit of a different angle of appreciation. This is also one that’s going in the description, below the links. Hope you enjoy it and also check out the Twitter and the actual server if you’re able to join.

BIPOC Fur Twitter:

Last year’s poem:
A Place of Year Round Cookout Vibes
By: A.X. Bueno

It’s been two years now and that’s an achievement to be sure
For two years now a place has been open to make a frequently disenfranchised group have a space
A space where people can chat, share and swap stories in a place that’s homey and chill
A place that many of its members have described as being like a cookout
Meaning that it’s where they can relax and vibe and feel like they don’t have to be on the lookout
Of course that kind of atmosphere while important isn’t everything there
As I said it’s also a place to share and just enjoy what to the table others bring
Which is a lot and a subject I’ve gushed about before
But between last year and now this place has only grown and developed even more
New things have been added and new friends have decided to stop by and stay
With so much talent and friendliness to go around it makes sense people do
Along with all the various parts of it that always keep things busy and offer ways to entertain
Just like at a cookout though you don’t have to be involved and contribute to absolutely every table
It’s enough for you to be there and whenever you want you can kick back and take it easy
As for me, I’m proud to be part of the team that keeps things chill and running
It can be a lot of work but it’s worth it and after all this time I think I’ve gotten it down
Besides I’m part of a team so I usually don’t have to just handle things alone
After all how can you have cookout vibes if you’re doing your best to help each other
So that’s what we do and I feel proud in that and how it feels like we manage it like no other
No other server that is for that is what we truly are
And yet also a lot more as many can attest to about we’re offering out here
Not everybody can say that because cookout’s still need to have rules for who’s invited
Still even those who unfortunately can’t be there can still watch from afar
To get examples of what we do and who we are
I only hope we can keep the good vibes rolling and the place comfy to be in and secure
We’ve made it to two years already and ahead I feel confident I can see more
Here’s to what’s ahead, the present and all that came before and has kept us going
I really want us to continue positively glowing and growing all throughout the coming years

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