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Wreckage: Pawradisio Entry by Apolarburr17

Wreckage: Pawradisio Entry


13 October 2021 at 13:19:39 MDT

So this is a story I’ve had written up for a while now. Over 2 years ago now I submitted this as an entry for an Anthology called Pawradisio which was meant to be stories based on Dante’s Paradisio(the final part of his Divine Comedy which includes his more famous Inferno) but furry. I submitted it, it got accepted and I waited for the Anthology to be done. It was supposed to be out in December… of 2019 and it’s been almost two years since then. This was actually the first story I ever wrote for the fandom and it’s a tale of war and death based on the 5th sphere of Heaven in Paradisio which is Mars and is the sphere of warriors of god more or less. Since it’s been so long at this point I’ve decided to finally share this story now since it doesn’t look like that Anthology is actually happening at this point. I’m still proud of it and actually want to bring these characters back soon. In the meantime hope you enjoy!