Autumn Stroll by ApfelSkai (critique requested)

Autumn Stroll (critique requested)


14 December 2013 at 13:37:30 MST

Lyin taking a stroll through the woods with his beverage of choice.

Spent an ungodly amount of time getting those trees right, but I'm very satisfied with how it turned out.

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    I'm not biased >_>

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    I see that you wanted a critique, so I'll try to help!

    The trees are very well done. I love how you went head-first and even established a perspective to it, really making it feel like a forest. The texture on the leaves are simple yet lively, and the autumn colors work well together. As for the lion, you seem to have a keen understanding of furry anatomy. Keep that up!

    There are only two things that could be questionable. One would be the blue sky in the background; I feel that it interrupts the relaxation of the forest and the character within it. It's a radical color compared to the oranges, reds, and even some of the greens. However, that could be a stylistic choice. Second would be the lighting. The trees seem to receive light from the right side, yet the lion is receiving light from the right AND the left side. It's really confusing, and it looks like the lion may not actually be in the forest.

    Overall, I enjoy this piece. As I said, you seem to capture anatomy and structure really well and there is a wholeness to this artwork. The biggest problem that I see is establishing a light source.

    Awesome job!

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      Thank you very much for the critique and the kind words~

      The blue is a bit too contrasting, I agree. I was attempting bounced lighting from the forest actually, which is why the character has 2 light sources. I can see where that would be a bit hard to make out though. I'll keep those comments in mind for the future.