Zootopia vore: Poetic justice (Lionheart/Bellwether) by anyonarex

Zootopia prison was the most secure in the entire country and was home to some of the worst animals the entire city had to offer, from predators who'd crossed the line and ate another individual to jewel thieves locked up tight in their cells. but recently the establishment had been occupied with a new convict: Bellwether the sheep, responsible for the night-howler débâcle and considerably smaller than at least 70% of the prison population. But she he was just as, if not more, dangerous than all of them and was already planning her revenge in the dark confines of her cold cell.  

“When I get out that little bunny officer and her friend are going to get it” she grinned at the thought, pacing around her bed and kicking the iron door that held her inside “Wilde might have managed to trick me before but he's still a predator. If he hasn't eaten her by the time we meet back up then a quick dart of night-howler will soon whet his appetite.” of course there was still the matter of actually escaping since a lawyer wasn't going to be much help, but Bellwether would think of something...she always did.

“yo sheep” the police officer outside looked in from the small window on her cell door “visitor here to see you....go right in sir.” the blue-clad raccoon stood to the side with an eerie sneer on his face that did nothing to hide the disdain he held for her, earning him a nice spot on Bellwether's list when the time came for her to leave. But the sheep had more on her mind as the door began to slide open, a middle aged and decidedly grim looking lion stepping in from the light.
“Lionheart” Bellwether grimaced “come to gloat have you? Or are you letting me go free for good behaviour?” she put on a friendly look that was very familiar to the larger lion who simply shook his head in disbelief that this was the same assistant he'd kept down for years, who'd brought the whole city to ruin.

“you can wipe that look of your face, I know who you are now” he said and set a suitcase on her bed before turning back towards the sheep “you threatened the whole city and ruined my reputation, you really think I’ll be able to get re-elected now?” the mayor turned around with a sudden snarl that made Bellwether cower a bit although she was quick to bounce back with a sneer, thinking that there was nothing Lionheart could do to her now. she took a while to respond though, still trying to figure out exactly why the lion was here. Maybe he was just venting but if anything she was the once that should of been voicing her thoughts.

“and you kept me down for years, I should be the mayor! Not an arrogant predator like you, i'm sick of being at the bottom of the food chain and when I get out I’ll make sure that changes. I might have failed the first time but I learn from my mistakes, you can't stop me.” Bellwether expected the lion to get angrier or claim that there was no way to escape but instead he simply grinned, “you have a predator's mind certainly but you'll never be one because you're never getting out of this cell in one piece.”

The lion suddenly lunged forwards put his hands on her woolly shoulders, pinning her in place and making Bellwether squirm and fight against him. “get your hands off me or I’ll sue you to pieces” she kicked out in a cry that betrayed the fear she was trying to hide, but the lion simply chuckled and look right at her. Before licking his lips in a mocking, slow manner... “oh no my dear, it's time to deal with you in the way that you deserve. It took quite a bit of wrangling to make the prison warden agree with this plan but there's no other way to deal with a mastermind like you, if I let you go you'll simply escape and cause even more havoc. And of course there is some personal enjoyment wrapped up in this for me, revenge is just so sweet.” the lion let go of one shoulder and reached behind him for the suitcase, Bellwether wondering what exactly his plan was although she had a good idea, and the item that he took confirmed her worst fears.

“a night howler dart, one of yours I believe, call this barbaric or proving you right or whatever you want, I prefer to think of it as poetic justice.”

And with that Lionheart shoved the dart into the side of his neck with a yelp from both him and the sheep, who took the chance to throw his huge pawed hand to the side and run for the door, kicking at it as the mayor convulsed and grunted behind her, “let me out! He's gonna eat me!” But no response came “you can't do this....” she turned back around to see Lionheart shredding his expensive suit into shreds and falling onto all fours. Bellwether had seen this happen with test subjects but she'd never been this close, able to smell the feral scent suddenly lingering in the air as Lionheart's fur got more frazzled and his back muscles more pronounced, if she'd had a frame of reference the sheep would of realised he looked exactly like a feral lion would in the wild plains of Africa. Large, imposing and devilishly hungry, a true king of the jungle ready to devour anything in its path.

He advanced on her position, Bellwether's woolly form quivering and searching around for anything she could use to stop this ravenous beast....the suitcase! She jumped forward and grabbed the heavy contraption before slamming it at his heavy head, the lion putting his paw up to stop her and scratching the suitcase in two with his monstrous claws. Bellwether could only look silently at the remnants of the weapon in her hand, the mayor's files and pens flying to fill up practically every corner of the cell as he sat there panting, angry at what his feral mind saw as a direct attack. No predator liked it when his prey fought back and Lionheart, albeit briefly, considered fleeing but then he remembered that the sheep had nothing else up her sleeve. She was completely vulnerable now and terrified of the massive, hungry beast beginning to prowl around her.

As he moved closer and closer the feral began to salivate and quietly sniffed the air around Bellwether, her smell full of fear and uncertainty. “hrrrr, tasty...” Lionheart growled and grabbed the wriggling sheep by the shoulders again, this time opening his maw as he did and directing her towards the pink flesh it was hiding. She tried to wriggle away and cried out for the guards still standing outside to come in and save her but there was nothing that they or Bellwether could do to prevent her fate. Lionheart was taking his time too, letting his tongue curl out and lick across the sheep's cheek to taste the muttony flavour of her tender flesh, his smelly breath washing over her and letting her know that his last meal consisted of some sort of fish. It must have been a while ago, if he was planning on swallowing her whole... “stop!” that last thought made Bellwether renew her struggles “you can't eat me, I'm. Not. Food.”

But clearly the lion had other ideas, lazily moving his tongue all across Bellwether's face before quickly shoving her head inside his smelly, dank maw even when she screamed in protest. “mmm, lovely little sheepy” He grumbled with a happy grin and puffed out cheeks filled with mutton, all sweet and tender and ever so slightly spicy, a lovely concoction of flavour that made Bellwether a pretty fantastic meal. Lionheart liked the wriggling as well, the stunted movements that she was giving in a weak attempt to distance herself from his hot maw giving him a lovely tickling feeling inside. But it wasn't just the taste and the struggles that he enjoyed, it was also the feeling of power that he got from reducing a smirking little creature to a gibbering wreck and eventually fat. Something that Bellwether for all of her revenge fantasies just wouldn't understand.

The sheep reached a paw to push against his cheeks and tug at his whiskers, doing anything she could to prevent herself being pulled any further into this wet, hot chamber that spelled out her doom. “let me go!” Bellwether cried and felt the lion beginning to strip her of her tight prison uniform, not for his own enjoyment but simply because fabric was much too hard to digest and not altogether very appetising. It was an embarrassing, terrifying experience and no matter how hard she kicked Bellwether found herself being dragged down deeper. She could smell whatever previous meal the lion had eaten, raw lizard meat probably since that was what he usually had for dinner but it felt faint, as if he'd been starving himself for a while in preparation for a nice mutton chop. If it wasn't her being eaten Bellwether would probably have admired his ravenous approach to revenge but it was hard to feel anything except slightly sick considering the heavy smell around her, the slimy drool coating her head and worst of all the very audible gurgling of the stomach. Already secreting digestive juices in preparation for her arrival.

The lion let out a short growl of pleasure and flexed his neck muscles again to pull her deeper inside, Bellwether's terrified features visible from the outside even as a bump on his neck. Tongue flicking out to lick across her lovely, trim stomach that clearly hid quite a bit of fat and meat behind it even though she'd spent the last two months eating prison food. Usually the lion would of been annoyed at such a find but here it was a treasure, her bare belly so full of food and plumpness that would very soon belong to him. As if to emphasise the point his belly let out a small rumble of want, Lionheart's new feral instincts almost making him bite down or simply gulp her quick and not take any time t enjoy the wide array of flavours and texture the little sheep presented. Luckily just enough of his natural, and quite hedonistic, old self was still around to remind him that this was supposed to be a fun time as well as an actual attempt to get rid of such a dangerous criminal. Although melting her down beneath toned lion muscle probably broke a cruel and unusual punishment clause somewhere but whatever, nobody was ever going to know about this anyway.

Bellwether let out muffled screams rendered inaudible by the thick flesh separating her from the outside world where it was a reasonable temperature and safe and didn't smell like a roast dinner gone horribly wrong. “you aren't going anywhere” Lionheart grinned and gulped in the sheep's lovely stomach before working down her slender legs where the wool wasn't present anymore, good, all it did was hide her lovely meat from his searching jaws. And eventually all that was left of Bellwether was a sobbing bulge who's muzzle was just beginning to poke through the sphincter, getting a snoutful of where she would spend her last minutes, and a pair of cute feet trying to find purchase on his chin. Lionheart made sure to give them a good chance and took his time to lick all over the clean soles of her soft feet, licking over those wriggling toes trying to shy away from the tasting organ. “mmmm, time to go” the lion growled and flexed his neck muscles once more to pull the sobbing sheep down towards the belly, Bellwether slipping inside and falling head-first into a pool of stinging, burning digestive acids “such a good meal...”

As soon as she was packed away tightly inside she began to fight back, kicking and punching the stomach walls in a vain attempt to free herself. “let me go you overgrown feline, you can't digest me...” but with the rising fluid, tightening belly walls and hot, stale air getting thinner it was clear he was planning too “you'll be coughing up wool for weeks.” but instead of him coughing her up the lon simply let out a low growl of pleasure and lay down on the bed, scratching his belly with one hand and picking his teeth with another. “so?” he simply grinned much to the chagrin of the being inside him who fought and kicked even as the gurgling belly began to overtake her form, melting and moulding around her to churn her up into a nice layer of at in Lionheart's belly. After a few moments of increasingly weak struggles the lion let out a low belch that blew hot saliva all across the room and a wad of half-digested wool, emptying his belly of all the air and quietly putting an end to the villain inside. “poetic justice” the lion grinned even though he only had a vague idea of what it meant now, quietly sitting back to digest the last of his wonderful meal.

“you think we should go in now?” the raccoon turned to his skunk companion who was leaning against a wall with a pair of ears muffs around his fuzzy head with his eyes closed, god he was so cute when he did that... “hey Zack! It's over.” the musteloid opened one eye to look at the other officer and then lifted a muff to make sure, before taking them completely off.“what, the antidote?” he twirled the dart around his fingers “you're welcome to try...but no, I think we should wait until it wears off. I know he told us to dart him as soon as it was over but I think an angry, civilised lion is better than a hungry feral one.”

His friend nodded in agreement and quietly resumed standing guard, the room behind him mostly quiet now except for the occasional stomach gurgle and the panting, exhausted breaths of a very satisfied lion. The mayor's stomach busy at work to digest the tender meat it had been fed, churning and kneading Bellwether's body within. Even though Lionheart hadn't done much eating of ferals the size of sheep there was no doubt his belly would make quick work of the villain, reducing her to a healthy layer of fat he would be careful to hide beneath a new suit.

Of course Bellwether's disappearance and the jail's insistence that another inmate had dealt with her would raise some eyebrows, but most residents would never even think about her again. Never figuring out that mayor lionheart had dealt with her in the best possible way a hungry lion could.

And if someone smart like Judy Hopps had the audacity to investigate the matter more than the mayor found comfortable, Well he had a special dart hidden away just for such an occasion...but for now at least it was time to sit back and let his belly deal with the fullest meal it had even been given.

Zootopia vore: Poetic justice (Lionheart/Bellwether)


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Mayor Lionheart hands out some poetic, delicous justice.

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