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Kids Like You... by Antumbra (critique requested)

Kids Like You... (critique requested)


Inktober! I forgot to do one because of Undertale, so here is my take on Sans!

He is probably my second favorite character and definitely has the coolest music in the game. I definitely feel bad for him though. He is the only good character that knows what is going on in the game and he gave up because he is powerless to stop it.

God I love Undertale.

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    I saw his fight through YouTube(I refuse to do a genocide run) and I had such a twinge of feels when I processed what he says after you beat him.

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      I did the same thing! There was no way I could kill Toriel or Sans and just watching it almost choked me up.

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    This kind of detail works well with Boss Sans, especially when he just gets tired at the end. He just looks so exhausted, not just by the fight, but by his situation in general.
    I could only watch his boss fight. That line just before he dies... My heart still aches.

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      Thanks and me too, I can't bring myself to actually do any of the genocide run. I find myself rooting for undyne, sans, etc. when I watch vids of the fights.