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You're Not Good At This Game by Annaklava

You're Not Good At This Game


his is a commission for Nomads-of-Korsun!

I'd say this took me about a few weeks, we put a lot of thought and time into it to make sure all the details were just right! I'm so happy of how it came out.

Here is Brack playing a PC game online, (probably an FPS) and he's dying a lot, so Arc is commenting how he sucks at it, so Brack isn't to pleased.

This is my take on what Brack's room looks like, colorwise, a bit bare for a room but nice and minimalist. I am enjoying the color scheme fairly uniform but still has varients. :D

Done in Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Brack and Arc belong to :nomads-of-korsun on deviantart:


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    Brack should be paying attention to his PDA, seems he's got a mission, but, hey typical Brack.

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    Looks fabulous.