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Villalobos Lineup by Angry_Koala

Villalobos Lineup


I drew a character lineup for a story I've been kicking around. It started as AK/Anaise's bodyguard au and ended up turning into a cool idea.

Anaise is the bodyguard of a powerful family called the Villalobos. She basically raised Eleanor and Elaine since the parents were off doing whatever.

Eleanor followed in her mother's footsteps by studying magic. While Elaine followed in her father's footsteps and creates robots. Their family reunites when their parents passed away and they have to return to their family home.

Sol is Eleanor's familiar. Despite his big scary demeanor he's actually pretty laid back and would rather sleep and eat snacks. But he's not afraid to throw down for Eleanor!

Jassin is a trickster who was cursed to reside on the Villalobos grimoire after he played a trick on the wrong witch. And yes, he and Sol totally smooch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Angelique is the daughter of Eleanor and Richie. The weird part is, Eleanor has no idea who the hell this kid is. She had a baby, but she disappeared and what was left in the crib was... whatever Angelique is.

Richie is Eleanor's loving husband. He's the owner of a small book publishing company.

Skye is Elaine's son. That's is. He's definitely an average teenage boy that wasn't an experiment :)

And lastly, Ed is Elaine's assistant. He worked for a shady organization for years until a freak accident and he turned into a giant rat thing. He stayed hidden until Elaine found him and brought him back into the science game!

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