Brimstone and Noel by Angry_Koala

Brimstone and Noel


2 July 2017 at 12:48:27 MDT

Old, these characters are FUCKIN' OLD!! Back in '09 when I first found out about furries I made some stories. One being about elemental super powers and this one. It was a romance/action/adventure about dragon prince Brimstone that falls in love with unicorn prince Noel but the unicorn prince was already betrothed to the griffin king Nazar. It's a very basic story but eh. I'm a basic bitch XD

lol as you can tell I've ALWAYS liked big muscles. I wanna say Brimstone was my first big muscular character. And I think this was also my first story to involve mpreg because after their happily ever after it doesn't end there because they have a cute kid that aspires to be a knight.

Their universe is a fantasy one(of course) with all sorts of fantasy creatures being anthropomorphic. Each race rules over their own kingdom dragons, unicorns, griffins, cockatrice, phoenix, pegasus, etc. Some get along better then others with dragons being(like any other story about dragons lol) being feared. So nobody associates themselves with the dragon kingdom.

Brimstone is your average jock. He likes fighting, food, and adventuring outside of the dragon kingdom(even though his father specifically told him not to! Little fucker >:/). He's a lot like other dragons with how he loves to fight, but he's more into fighting for honor then to be destructive. A good fight is an honorable one. Win or lose Brimstone respects anyone he faces! Despite his large size he's really just a teddy bear.

Noel is a petite feminine prince. What he lacks in size he makes up for in wit and speed. Despite his cute appearance Noel loves watching fights and always goes beyond the castle walls to go to the pub and watch the patrons duke it out. Keeping that cute small weakling appearance can tire a guy out, y'know?

That's enough typing for now. It's so nice to draw these two again~ <3

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